10 Things You Should Know about Bitcoin and Digital Currency
10 Things You Should Know about Bitcoin and Digital Currency

Digital currency is no longer a taboo and holds no stigma in the financial world. While almost a decade ago Bitcoin was considered a scam-like fashionable item whose fame would die out rather fast, now, eight years later, it’s still as strong as it ever was. But how?

  1. Digital currency is more autonomous than physical ones.
  2. Digital currency can be exchange for gold, silver or other currencies, no matter where you are.
  3. Digital currency may be held in your wallet in a card or not – you choose how to keep your money safe.
  4. Digital currencies focus on the people. They are based on the peer-to-peer transaction system and have no central authority like banks and governments to tell you how much they are worth.
  5. There are more than 20 active cryptocurrencies at the moment.
  6. Bitcoin was created in 2008.
  7. In the past eight years, Bitcoin became a preferred online currency for many businesses.
  8. In the UK, you can even buy jewellery with bitcoins.

To finish this, we will give you the two most important and curious facts about Bitcoin as the origin of real cryptocurrency: each day, between 120 and 260 thousand bitcoin transactions are made. In mid-2016, one bitcoin was worth about 450 British pounds.

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